Our Process

Get Started in One of Our  Shared Kitchens

Step 1

Set up a Tour

If interested in The Cook’s Kitchen or The Cutting Board, please email us at cuttingboard300@gmail.com so we can set up a tour and talk about your needs.

Step 2

Fill Out an Application

If we both want to proceed after the tour, fill out an application for either The Cook’s Kitchen or The Cutting Board and email it to us at cuttingboard300@gmail.com.

Step 3

Apply for a License

Fill out the documents below and return to the Frederick County Health Department.

Step 4

Get Insurance & Pay Desposit

While you are working with the Health Department to secure your license, you need to secure the proper insurance listing the kitchen as a certificate holder. Then as outlined in the commissary agreement, provide us with the certificate of liability insurance and pay your security deposit.